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Producing Sea Buckthorn of High Quality. Proceedings of the 3rd European Workshop on Sea Buckthorn

Julkaisu nro / vuosi:31/2015 
Julkaisusarja:Natural resources and bioeconomy studies 
Kustantaja:Luonnonvarakeskus (Luke) 
Saatavuus:Juvenes Print arkisto 
Toimittajat:Kauppinen, Sanna; Petruneva, Ekaterina 

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Producing sea buckthorn of high quality asks skills and knowledge in every step of the food chain from the field to the consumer. The 3rd European Workshop on Sea Buckthorn (EuroWorkS2014) was held in Naantali, Finland on 14th to 16th of October 2014 under the theme “Producing Sea Buckthorn of High Quality”. Conference concentrated on three topics that were recognized to be current under the theme: sea buckthorn fly, cultivation technology and standardization of sea buckthorn. A special attention was paid to sea buckthorn fly because of its rapid and destructive invasion to Europe. Protective measurements need to be studied fast to get this new pest under control. Also long-term strategies are needed in order to continue efficient berry production, also without pesticides. Dr. Ljubov Shamanskaja has a long research experience with sea buckthorn fly in Barnaul, Russia, where the fly has been a problem over 20 years. Dr. Claudia Daniel has studied different control measuments for cherry fruit fly. It is a close relative of sea buckthorn fly and some of the protection methods may be adapted. Since sea buckthorn is a relatively new crop in Europe its cultivation technology is still under investigation. Especially should be focused on more efficient harvesting method, new cultivars suitable to European climate, bigger yields by right cultivation methods and pest and disease control. Dr. Friedrich Höhne is concentrated on practical research in Germany, but he has a good knowledge of overall production situation in Europe. Entrepreneur Andrejs Bruvelis has a 30 years’ experience of cultivation and nursery production so that his theories are worth to try and test in other countries, too. International sea buckthorn society would like to create uniform standard for sea buckthorn and its products. What it could be was discussed during this conference. Dr. Jörg-Thomas Mörsel, a member of ISA standard group, and director and sea buckthorn grower David Eagle gave introduction to the challenging topic. Number of presentations per workshop was restricted to two so that there was enough time for discussion and question resolving. Notes of the workshops were written down and delivered to the participants. In addition to six key note presentations also 16 posters were shown that introduced a wide range of new research. Altogether 67 research scientists, entrepreneurs and advisers from 12 European countries participated in the conference. The other two European Seabuckthorn Conferences were held on 2010 in Postdam, Germany and on 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Presentations of these conferences can be found from the home page of German Society for Sea Buckthorn and Wild Fruits . This society is the creator of European Sea Buckthorn Conference and it coordinates its biannual event. Next meeting will be on 2016 in Latvia. EuroWorkS is organized alternate years with International Sea Buckthorn Conference. The organizer of international conferences is International Sea Buckthorn Association (ISA) and next meeting is held in India on November 2015. The organizers of EuroWorkS2014 were MTT Agrifood Research Finland (the new name of organisation is Natural Resources Institute Finland) and German Society for Sea Buckthorn and Wild Fruits. Official conference homepage is, where keynote presentations are available. Members of the organizing committee were Jörg-Thomas Mörsel, Sanna Kauppinen, Ekaterina Petruneva, Sylvia Thies, Ralf Godeck and Heikki Kallio. Conference was financed by MTT Agrifood Research Finland, German Society for Sea buckthorn and Wild Fruits and Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. Hopefully these proceedings give you new thoughts and ideas to develop your own research and production and stimulate you to join sea buckthorn society to know more and share your thoughts with us.