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Report on scientific cod fishing and monitoring in 2020 in Åland, Finland

Julkaisu nro / vuosi:69/2021 
Julkaisusarja:Luonnonvara- ja biotalouden tutkimus 
Tekijät:Jari Raitaniemi and Ari Leskelä  

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At present, Eastern Baltic cod in the southern Baltic Sea grows slowly, shows low condition factor and is heavily infected by the larvae of liver worms. It is hypothesized, that either the heavy infection by liver worms, lack of suitable food due to lack of oxygen in the deep bottoms of the Baltic Sea or both together cause severe problems for cod. The final host of the liver worm is grey seal (Halichoerus grypus), and this parasite is carried to cod via prey, smaller pelagic fish. There is a small-scale cod fishery in the Finnish waters in the Sea of Åland, where cod are large sized and in good condition. Grey seals are abundant in these waters. In this study, the occurrence of Contracaecum larvae in the livers of cod in the Sea of Åland and the food of the cod were examined.